Brigs Has Some “Seriously Twisted Fun”

Seriously Twisted Fun… That was the theme for the 2007 North Carolina State Fair. The fair had two dozen huge fiberglass farm animals decorated with fair themes by local high school art students in an exhibit/competition called Farm Animal Frenzy. It was the first of year that fiberglass animals graced the fairgrounds.

Brigs Restaurants and the North Carolina Egg Association co-sponsored Sven – a huge rooster designed and decorated by art students at Cardinal Gibbons High. Sven won first place in the Farm Animal Frenzy.

After the fair, Sven roosted for a year and a half in front of the Brigs in Raleigh where children affectionately called him “Blue Chicken.”

When Brennan Station began renovation, Sven roosted by Brigs at the Park in Durham for a year until he finally flew the coop.

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