Realy Cool Salads!

Crisp Green Salads

Served with grilled pita points. Dressing selection includes Bleu Cheese, Sriracha Honey Mustard, Italian, Thousand Island, Ranch, Hot Poppy Seed, Raspberry Vinegarette, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.

Bleu-Berry Hill**
Our grilled chicken breast atop mixed greens, bleu cheese, berries and pecans. Served with raspberry vinegarette or your choice of other dressing.

Chef Salad
Smoked turkey, ham, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, mushrooms, hard cooked egg, cheddar-jack atop mixed greens.

Cobb Salad**
Mixed greens topped with bacon, avocado, tomato, hard-cooked egg, bleu cheese and your choice of sliced smoked turkey, sliced smoked ham or our grilled chicken breast.

Greek Salad
Pitted calamata olives, feta cheese, red onions, diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and bell peppers atop mixed greens. Seasoned with herbs and special dressing.

Grilled Salad**
Our grilled chicken breast atop a medley of greens, bell peppers, tomatoes, red onions, mushroom and cucumbers.

Spinach Salad
Fresh spinach, chopped bacon, mushrooms, red onions, pecans, hard cooked egg and fresh strawberries. With Hot Poppy Seed dressing.

Soup & Salad Combo
A piping hot bowl of Soup du Jour served with your choice of Brigs’ Broccoli Salad, House Salad or House Spinach Salad.

** A poached 4 ounce salmon fillet may be substituted for the grilled chicken breast on these salads for just $2.

Homemade Salads in Raleigh, NCFresh Homemade Salads

Brigs’ Broccoli Salad
Our popular Broccoli Salad of broccoli, celery, golden raisins, red onions and sunflower seeds in our special sauce, surrounded by fresh fruit and grilled pita points.

Waldorf-Chicken Salad
A marvelous mix of apples, raisins, celery, pecans, and diced chicken breast with a touch of honey and mayonnaise. Served with fresh fruit and warm banana-nut muffin.

Take Two
A scoop each of Brigs’ two great salads – Brigs’ Broccoli Salad and Brigs’ Waldorf-Chicken Salad. Served with fresh fruit and warm banana-nut muffin.

Salads By The Pint To Go
We offer our homemade Brigs’ Broccoli Salad and Waldorf-Chicken Salad by the pint for take-out. For large quantities please call in advance.