From the Griddle

All griddle items are served with your choice of honey, sugar-free syrup, or our own special syrup made with real New England maple syrup.

Hot Cakes

Our homemade batters are mixed fresh daily. A stack of 3, a short stack of 2, or just one cake.

With whipped butter.

Strawberry, Pecan or Chocolate Chip
With whipped cream.

With butter and warm compote.

Belgian Waffles

Deliciously light and crispy!

With powdered sugar and whipped butter.

Blueberry, Strawberry or Pecan
With whipped cream.

Breakfast Restaurant DurhamFrench Toast

Classic French Toast
Made with hand-sliced French bread, pure vanilla and cinnamon. Topped with powdered sugar and whipped butter.

Croissant French Toast
Two flakey butter croissants dipped into our French Toast batter, griddled and topped with powdered sugar.

Griddle Combos

Delicious combinations with our most popular sides.

Hot Cake Combo
Two Traditional, Blueberry, Strawberry, Pecan or Chocolate Chip hot cakes.

Waffle Combo
A Traditional, Blueberry, Strawberry or Pecan Waffle.

French Toast Combo
A half order of our Classic French Toast.

Croissant French Toast
One griddled butter croissant.

Stuffed French Toast
Two large slices of French Toast filled with strawberries and whipped cream. Topped with powdered sugar. Stuffed French Toast is only available as a Griddle Combo and a single side at this time.

All Griddle Combos served with two eggs* any style and one of the following sides:

  • Homefries
  • Grits
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Crisp Applewood Smoked Bacon Strips
  • Swaggerty’s® Pork Sausage Patties
  • Turkey Sausage Links
  • Crispy Chicken Tenders
  • Country Ham (add $1)
  • Corned Beef Hash (add $1)
  • Homemade Crab Cake (add $2)

Homefries, grits or fresh fruit may be substituted for eggs.

* Eggs are cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.