Food Allergies

At Brigs Restaurants, we strive to serve delicious safe food. We require each Brigs Restaurant location to have at least one ServSafe Certified manager working full-time in the kitchen. If you have special dietary needs, please let your server know when you place your order and we will gladly do our best to help you enjoy a Brigs meal made just for you. While no list is complete, here is some information regarding some of the most common dietary concerns.

This list does not include desserts or items that may be offered as Monthly Specials!


We use a lot of milk and cheese. There is milk and/or cream and/or butter and/or buttermilk in our Hollandaise Sauce, Ranch Dressing, Creamed Spinach, and all hot cake, waffle, and French toast batters. There is yogurt in our Raspberry Vinaigrette.

We do not add milk to our eggs for scrambling or omelettes, and we cook them in 8″ sauté pans using Zero Transfat Vegetable Oil. So, just ask us to leave the cheese out and your omelette will be dairy-free.

We do not make our grits with butter, and you may ask for us to not add it on top.

Our Shrimp ‘n Grits contain butter and cheese; both can be omitted.


There are a lot of flour containing foods in our kitchens. We make our pancake batters from scratch using All Purpose flour. We cook hot cakes and French toast on our griddle and heat most of our sandwich breads on the same griddle. And, we toast a lot of English muffins. There is typically a bread component to every meal we serve. So, we do not have a gluten-free kitchen by any means.

Just as when a label states, “Produced in a plant that also produces peanut products”, even though peanuts may never touch the same employees or equipment, if it’s in the plant, it’s a nut allergy hazard. No restaurant that opens and makes fresh batters with bags of wheat flour in its kitchen, can promise 100% gluten-free meals!

All of our omelettes, skillets, scrambles, baskets, and salads are all intended to be gluten-free when gluten-fee toast ordered. Our cooks and ServSafe certified managers are all very conscious of avoiding cross-contamination regarding meats, eggs, produce, etc. We continue to work hard on reducing gluten cross-contamination in our kitchens.

Gluten-free whole grain bread may be substituted for our French bread on orders of French Toast for $1 extra. Be aware that French Toast made using GF bread is dipped into the same batter as our French bread and cooked on the same griddle as our regular French Toast and our Hot Cakes.


We do not add MSG to any recipe or item we serve!


We do not currently use any Peanut products in our restaurants.

We do use Almonds on our Almond Nutmuff and in our Ultimate Omelette (which can be omitted.)

We use Pecans in our Waldorf Salad, Pecan Pancakes, and Pecan Waffle.

Sunflower Seeds are in our Brigs’ Broccoli Salad.

Because we cook all of our pancakes on the same griddle and all of our waffles in the same waffle irons, there may be trace amounts of pecan oil from a previously cooked order of pancakes or waffles!


Onions may be omitted from any item except Brigs’ Broccoili Salad and homefries (thus all Skillets). Most of our Skillets list caramelized onions as an ingredient. Upon request, we will gladly omit these to reduce the onion flavor.


Pork (bacon, ham, and pork sausage) may be omitted from any item on our menu. Smoked turkey is a delicious free substitution for smoked ham in some of our entrees.


Blue Crab is an ingredient in several menu items and may be omitted from any item. Brigs Restaurants do not purchase or use imitation crab in anything and it is therefore not available as a substitute for real crab.

Steamed Shrimp is also an ingredient in several menu items and may be omitted from any of them.


We use only a Zero Transfat Canola Oil in our fryers and sauté pans. Our French fries are Transfat Free, as is the mayonnaise we use, and all of our dressing and sauces.

Brigs Restaurants cannot guarantee that any menu item will be completely free of a particular allergen. We rely on manufacturer’s statements of ingredients which may change from time to time. As we prepare your meal, it may come in contact with the allergen you wish to avoid. For example, all pancakes and sandwich breads are cooked on the same griddle as Pecan Pancakes and Cranberry-Walnut Pancakes. So, trace amounts of pecan oil and/or walnut oil may transfer to anything cooked on that griddle.