Award Winning Benedicts

Raleigh Breakfast

Premium ingredients on a toasted English muffin, topped with two poached fresh eggs and Hollandaise sauce. Always an eggcelent choice! Served with fresh fruit and homefries or grits.

Benedict Of The Month
Each month something new and exciting!

Brigs Benedict
Shaved smoked ham. A Brigs classic!

Chesapeake Benedict
Homemade crab cakes with a horseradish-parsley Hollandaise sauce.

Monterey Benedict
Smoked turkey, avocado and sauteed mushrooms.

Florentine Benedict
Creamed spinach and feta cheese.

Club Benedict
Smoked ham and smoked turkey topped with chopped bacon.

Coastal Benedict
Blue crab and steamed shrimp.

Oskar Benedict
Blue crab and tender asparagus.

Istanbul Benedict … A secret item!
Smoked turkey and feta.

SALSAge Benedict … A secret item!
Sausage patties, salsa and cheddar-jack. No Hollandaise on this hot one!