2014 Brigs 12 Days of Christmas

Brigs Restaurants gave away over $3,000 in Winner’s Cards redeemable at any Brigs location! The Day 1 winner got a $25 Brigs Winner’s Card and each Day of Christmas the prize got larger. The Day 12 winner received a $650 Brigs Winner’s Card! To enter fans called in a request during KIX CafĂ© on WKIX during two weeks of December, or registered online at kix1029.com.

Listen to our Brigs 12 Days of Christmas jingle HERE

UPDATE: We were delighted to learn that over $1,100 of our Brigs 12 Days of Christmas gift cards went to people who have been unemployed for a year or more. One grateful winner broke our hearts with, “Now I can take my family out to eat.” Team Brigs wishes them and you a very happy new year.